E-fireworks (Saving environment)


Fireworks are very common when there is a moment of celebration. Whether it be christmas, Diwali (india), New year party (whole world) or even a small birthday or marriage ceremony, fire crackers are used by people to make an excitement with help of lightening and the sound from them.

But the damage on the environment is ignored in each of the cases. The asthma patients are also ignored in the noise of fun and celebration. There are several people in and outside hospital who close themselves into a room and pray to surpass these moments without any complications. There are also some people who really like fireworks and can't burn them or enjoy them due to the fact that they have one of mild or sevier breathing disease.

8051 Microcontroller Programming setup


Programming 8051 microcontroller is quite easy. I have programmed two types of 8051 microcntroller. One is from Philips p89v51rD2 and other one is At89s51 from ATmel. Both are very similar and there are very less difference in both of them.

Without wasting time, lets move to programming.

Tools you need for writing 8051 micro controller:

Here are the some of tools used for 8051 microcontroller programming and simulation

3D sensor developed using IMX53 ARM C8


Recently, under TU chemnitz, i developed a 3D sensor module with help of IMX Freescale ARM board (Freescale) on LINUX BSP. Task was pretty challenging because it included writing low level C driver code for the electronic connected to Laser, Kinect and (Other possibility) stereo cameras and openCV high level code to manage the meta-data comming from sensor hardware and packing it into desire format or image frames.