About Me

Hi, I'm Pulkit Gupta,  25 years old software, web and embedded developer [in short, Developer] living in Berlin, Germany. For full profile go to profile.pulkit.eu or just pulkit.euPulkit_Gupta

I believe in perfection and advancement. I have a great interest in programming since school time. I have done lot of projects in almost every platform including Embedded C, C++(Qt), Java (J2SE, J2EE, Jax-RS), 3D graphics openGL/webGL, Android applications, Angular front-end, Single page webapps with NodeJS and REST microservices etc and have made various softwares/web applications with these platforms.

I don't usually have time to make tutorials and lectures about all of these projects. But still, you can find some youtube videos on my youtube channel.

On electronics side, I have been playing with many ICs since i pass out my high school but have burnt only few :). I have done major projects on 8051, AVR, PIC, Arduino, ARM based microcontrollers. Out of which ARM Processor is my favourite.  I have created and designed several circuits on in ExpressPCB, EAGLE and Dip-Trace(preferred) for production of PCBs. Most of my electronic projects are done by me as my hobby.

I worked as Tech lead position in several companies around the world and delivered a lot of free lance project.

I am masters graduate from Germany in the field Automotive and realtime softwares. Currently i am working in an IT company as a Lead software developer.

Other than this, I speak four languages  English, German, Hindi, spanish. I am an athlete and go to gym every day (One of my top hobbies). For me, best way to change mood when i get exhausted is to play spanish music on guitar. Here is an example of one of my creation.  My favourite game is Swat4. I've also great interest in Astro-Science and hence have a very profound knowledge about it. I have a great passion for sports car and driving.


I work in all the fields mentioned above in form of consultancy and development . You can contact me at

Email: pulkit.itp@gmail.com or contact@pulkit.eu

Skype ID: pulkit_dev