Line follower robot (Type: programmed with PIC 18F4550)

In previous tutorial, i explained you from scratch about a line follower robot. The logic behind it, the principal, Mechanic formation, motor and sensor caliberating and i also showed you a working model of line follower robot, which was not very flexible with turbulant nature of environment. It has some weakness and drawbacks like it was required to caliberated before eunning, it needed to be caliberated every time in every different ambient light. And most importantly, it was unable to make good decisions accept following an continous smooth black line over white or lighter background. 



Similar to Burglar alarm project, this is also one type of security system, where instead of observing some one auspicious in a particular area, the system will focus on the security of one single object like Jewellery box, moneybox, mobile phones, camera and so on. It is very similar to the burglar alarm project, Just you have to change one line in the code and remaining things including circuit diagram are same.

I highly recommend you to read the Burglar alarm tutorial before proceeding.

Below is the Video, with will explain you the working of this project.