Basic Robotics Kit (L293D) part-1


When i was in my very early semester of college, I was very passionate about robotics. I was always confuse about where to get cheap PCB layout which one can use in several different robotics project. while writting this article, i am recalling and thinking about that time and realizing that that was not only me. There were several hobbyist like me, who were confuse, wanted to save money but wanted to take part in robotics competetion in college technical fest.

8051 Microcontroller


If you want to directly setup your 8051 programming environment and started coding then click here. But i would recommend you to read all theory for 8051 microcontroller down, whenever you get time :).

 What is 8051 Standard?

Microcontroller manufacturers have been competing for a long time for attracting choosy customers and every couple of days a new chip with a higher operating frequency, more memory and upgraded A/D converters appeared on the market.

However, most of them had the same or at least very similar architecture known in the world of microcontrollers as “8051 compatible”. What is all this about?

PIC 18F4550 microcontroller


Welcome, here in this tutorial series we are going to learn some common methodologies for programming a pic18f. The tutorials here must be perfect to get you started with pic18f microcontroller. We are going to learn about the basics and various details that you need to consider while programming a pic18f microcontroller. For easy understanding, you can check my git code repository for various sample modules of PIC 18f series and some projects by clicking here.